Terms and Conditions

Establish since 3rd September 2013 4 years old (Full time Reception Class) until 12 years old, we are a Registered Childcare setting since 30th June 2014.

Woodpeckers Fun Club collect your child/children from La Moye School/Mont Nicolle School and take them to the Communicare Youth Centre in St Brelade. 
Woodpeckers Fun Club provide the service during school term only at the St Brelade’s Youth Club project at Communicare.  We will not provide the services during bank holidays, school holidays or in the event of extreme weather conditions when the schools are closed for that reason – no refund will be made under these unforeseen circumstances.  Woodpeckers provides the courtesy of transporting your child from the school to Communicare and parents will need to collect their children from Communicare.

We provide healthy snacks, arts and crafts, a quiet area, vigorous indoor play area, outside area, an upstairs area and we also have outings to the play fields, Elephant Park, Sand dunes, St Ouen woods, Millbrook Park, St Andrews Park, Wetland Centre and to the new trampoline park at Les Ormes. Woodpeckers are open from Monday to Friday, mornings from 7:30am - 8:30am and afternoons from 3pm until 6pm – except bank holidays and school holidays. 

Normal payment of the monthly fees is required if a child is sick, if parents make last minute cancellations, or if parents decide to take their child/children on holiday.
If a child is collected 10 minutes after the agreed time, there will be an extra full hour charge and If in case a parent is delayed for any reason beyond their control; parents must text Woodpeckers on 07797749962 explaining the reason for the delay.  Also if for any reason, a child does not require collection from the school; parents must text Woodpeckers on 07797749962 during the morning of the child’s absence.  

Woodpeckers reserves the right of not collecting your child/children if we do not receive the registration fee and the monthly payments by the 2nd of each month via standing order only, and we require HALF TERMLY notice when terminating or changing the hours that your child is attending the Woodpeckers Fun Club.  If Parents decide to take child/children off on holidays during school term, or if they collect their children from school on an agreed day in which Woodpeckers was due to collect the child/children; or if the child is absent from Woodpeckers Morning and After School Clubs due to an illness of any form, and for any length of time, charges will be applied as usual. No deductions, no credits will be made as staff will be available and get paid as normal. 

Sickness: If the child has an infectious illness (e.g. Chicken pox, impetigo) the parent/guardian should ensure that it has cleared up before the child returns. In some cases a doctor’s letter may be required. In case of sickness and diarrhoea the child must have been clear of either and had normal stools for 48 hours before returning, this is in accordance with Health Guidelines and Policies. 
Medication: We can only give medication to a child if the label on the medicine has been specifically written by the Doctor for the child. This includes Calpol, Neurofen, cough mixtures, etc. Woodpeckers’ member of staff will keep a written record of all medication given to your child, including any emergency medical advice or treatment. This record will include the date and time that the medication/treatment was administered and the quantity involved. The parent/guardian will be required to check and sign this record. 
Notice: At least one month’s notice is required to be given in writing by the parent/guardian. Please inform the Woodpeckers as soon as you know that you no longer require our services, as we may have a waiting list.  
Lost Property Statement – Woodpeckers and Woodpeckers’ Staff are not responsible for children’s property. Any property lost is the responsibility of the Parents. Any property found in the setting, will be kept in the Lost Property box until the end of each term.