Terms and Conditions

Woodpeckers Fun Club Ltd Before and After School Clubs –

Terms & Conditions Woodpeckers Fun Club Ltd Established in September 2013

Before and After School Clubs – Terms & Conditions Fees – Very Important – Please read All Woodpeckers’ costs in running the service are calculated pro-rata, (divided over 12 months) throughout the whole calendar year. Therefore, all fees are required to be paid per calendar month.

Registration Fee £50.00 per child – to be paid with the first invoice. Monthly fee £395.00 per child per calendar month.

All payments to Woodpeckers are made a month in advance.

*Normal payment of the monthly fees is required if a child is sick, or if parents made a last minute cancellation, or if the parents decided to take the child on holiday. *

If in case a parent collect her/his child/children any time after 6pm, there will be a penalty of £50.00 •

If Parent/Guardian is delayed by any reason beyond their control; parents must text Woodpeckers on 07797749962 explaining the situation – the penalty of £50.00 still applies, as staff must be kept in the setting looking after the child/children until collection.

*Fees will be reviewed in twice per year between and inclusive March and August each year and passed on to you, the customer, according to the official government inflation/cost of living rate/needs of the business to remain solvent.

*If, for any reason, a child does not require collection from the school; parents must text Woodpeckers on 07797749962 during the morning of the child’s absence.

*If the monthly payment of the fees is received on delay (after the 2nd of every month), Woodpeckers will not collect your child/children until full payment is received; plus there will be a penalty charge of 15% upon the total monthly amount.

*One month payment delay will allow Woodpeckers to seek the Petty Debts court which will have an impact on your Credit Score.

*Parents who work shift, must provide, via email, a week ahead dates for their child/children to be collected by the Woodpeckers.

*Woodpeckers reserves the right of not collecting your child/children if we do not receive the registration fee and the regular monthly payments by the 2nd of each month via standing order only.

*If Parents decide to take child/children off on holidays during school term, or if they collect their children from school on an agreed day in which Woodpeckers was due to collect the child/children; or if the child is absent from the Woodpeckers Morning and After School Clubs due to an illness of any form, and for any length of time, charges will be applied as usual. This clause also applies in case of any type of strike which may affect the schools. No deductions, no credits will be made as staff will be available and get paid as normal.

*We require HALF TERMLY notice when changing or terminating this contract.

Lost Property Statement – Woodpeckers and Woodpeckers’ Staff are not responsible for children’s property. Any property lost is the responsibility of the Parents. Any property found in the setting, will be kept on the Lost Property box until the end of each term. If not claimed by this time, it will be disposed of.

***Sickness exclusion*** It is requested that a child with any contagious sickness be excluded from the before and after school clubs for the necessary best practice period of time.

*************Allergies, Food Intolerance, Behavior Issues, Medical Conditions, Court Cases*****************all of the above must be informed by the Parents or Guardians to Woodpeckers in writing, via email, preferably. Any Child with a medical condition (e.g. Diabetes) requires the Parents to write all the instructions in writing before the child attends Woodpeckers. Parent/Guardian must also provide and liaise any special equipment/ medicine/ booklet for taking notes and arrange with Hospital/Nurse/Psychologist/Social Worker or any other professional involved with the child, any necessary training sessions to be delivered at the Woodpeckers Setting from 1:30pm until 2:30pm from any week day, during school term only.

**********Sponsorship*************If any Parent/Guardian is struggling with the payment of the fees, Parents/Guardians must email Woodpeckers with a formal request for a Fee Reduction. Firstly, Woodpeckers will always direct the Parent/Guardian to request financial assistance from Income Support. Woodpeckers will provide a Headed PDF Letter to the Parent/Guardian via email stating the current fees charged for providing the before and after school services required. Using this same framework system already in place by Income Support, Woodpeckers can assist with a reduction in the fee not greater than 5% per child per fee.************************

Bank Account details: HSBC Bank Woodpeckers Fun Club Ltd Sort Code 402534 Account Number 04097955

*Standing Order only, by the 2nd of each month (No cheques or cash can be accepted)

The payment of the fees remains the same if the child is absent (e.g. through illness or parent’s/guardian’s occasional days off) – or, for any reason, any kind of closure is imposed upon Woodpeckers, for any length of time and by any recognized states authority, because the staff and the overheads still have to be paid per month (per calendar year).