Meet the team

Heloisa Le Gresley
Team Management

Founder of Woodpeckers 2013, First Aid PAED, Safeguarding, MIDAS, MAYBO, Childcare Level 3, Business Degree

Sophie Dave

Fun and laugh! Great team worker! Amazing sense of humour! Childcare Level 3, First Aid PAED, Safeguarding trained, MAYBO trained, Management Level 3, Studying Management Level 5

Ryan Couillard
Manager & Playworker

Great rapport with all children, staff and Parents! Cool head! Quick thinking. First Aid PAED, Safeguarding trained, Playwork Level 3, Management Level 3, Studying Management Level 5

Trevor Couillard
Playworker & Minibus driver

Our faithful, loyal, great team worker! PAED First Aid, Safeguarding Trained

Christine Lowe
Playworker & Minibus driver

Loyal, fun to work with, great person! First Aid PAED, Safeguarding, MIDAS Safeguarding trained MIDAS trained MAYBO trained

Ben Truscott

Cool and Collected! Distinctive sensible thinker, kind, gentle, observant, generous, warmth. Ben is a great asset to our Team!

Scott Donaldson
Activities Leader

Always full of energy! Great Team Worker! First Aid PAED, Safeguarding Trained, Playwork Level 3 Course starting March 2021

Talita (Tilly) Le Gresley
Junior Playworker

Bubbly, caring, quick thinking, great sense of humor, great observer, always happy to help in whatever capacity is requested!

Andrew Wood
Volunteer Trainee Playworker

Our amazing helper for the last 3 years! Faithful, gentle, happy! Great with the children!

Isabel (Izzy) Le Gresley
Junior Playworker

Great flexibility when help is requested! Always happy to give us a hand in whatever area is needed. Artistic, warmth, trustworthy and seriously funny too!

Biscuit Le Gresley
Pet as a Therapy Dog

Our adorable mascot Biscuit (Bicci) - Certified Pet as a Therapy Dog since 2019 - Currently not visiting Woodpeckers because of the Covid restrictions. Loves children, very layback, loves a belly rub, playing, walking, catching the ball, running, loves cuddles and snuggles.

Cerys McNamara
Trainee Playworker

Brilliant Calmness! Wonderful creative skills!

Nick Bester
Trainee Playworker

Nick's name says everything, He is Bester! Wise, gentle, dedicated, enthusiastic, friendly!