Registration Fee for After School Club £50.00 per child – to be paid with the first invoice.

Monthly fee is £395.00 per child per calendar month
*Normal payment of the monthly fees is required if a child is sick, or if parents made a last minute cancellation, or if the parents decided to take the child on holiday. 
*If a child/children is collected after 6pm, there will be a £50.00 penalty  - as staff will be paid for the extra time whilst waiting for your child/children to be collected.
*If, for any reason, a child does not require collection from the school; parents must text Woodpeckers on 07797749962 during the morning of the child’s absence. 
*If the monthly payment of the fees is received on delay (after the 2nd of every month), your child will not be collected or accepted at the point of drop off at Morning Club, plus there will be a penalty charge of 15% upon the total monthly amount, the payment is required in full before Woodpeckers can collect or accept the drop off at morning club.
*One month payment delay will allow Woodpeckers to seek the Petty Debts court which will have an impact on your Credit Score. 
*Parents who work shift, must provide, via email, a week ahead dates for their child/children to be collected by the Woodpeckers.  *Woodpeckers reserves the right of not collecting your child/children if we do not receive the registration fee and the regular monthly payments by the 2nd of each month via standing order only. 
*Payments to Woodpeckers remain the same if Parents/Guardians decide to take child/children off on holidays during school term, or if they collect their children from school on an agreed day in which Woodpeckers was due to collect the child/children; or if the child is absent from the Woodpeckers  Morning and After School Clubs due to an illness of any form, and for any length of time, charges will be applied as usual. This clause also applies in case of any type of strike, school closures or government decision to close the childcare sector for any reason and for any length of time. No deductions, no credits will be made as staff will be available and get paid as normal. 

Woodpeckers will review the fees twice per year, between and inclusive, March and August, according to the business needs, and to the level of inflation.
*We require HALF TERMLY notice when terminating this contract.